View Full Version : Quiz night - 18th March

15-Mar-07, 15:38
Quiz Night Sunday 18th March @8.30 pm

Come along for the craick.

Hope to see you all there.:Razz

17-Mar-07, 11:24
Piglet, good luck with the quiz. I shall be thinking of you all snug in your warm little houses at the computer while I sit watching my breath in the cold abbey.

18-Mar-07, 23:13
Thanks to all that attended the quiz.

3rd was Highlander with 20 points
2nd was jamieS with 24 points

With 25 points was 1st was The Charlatans.

Well Done & Good luck for next weeks quiz.

19-Mar-07, 02:16
Piglet, you had some good questions, thanks for the fun quiz.

19-Mar-07, 11:02
Aww..I missed it, Had no excuse either as i was online!!! Grrr!!!:lol: