View Full Version : Rhoda Grant MSP Tells Tesco to Take Action

31-Jul-14, 02:28
The Caithness Business Index (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk) has posted the following article:

Rhoda Grant MSP Tells Tesco to Take Action

Highlands and Islands (Scottish Labour) MSP, Rhoda Grant is calling time on land banking by Tesco in Thurso on the Auction site development. Mrs Grant visited the site with local Thurso Councillor Roger Saxon, a long term critic of the supermarket giant, to see first hand the lack of progress being made at the site. [Read Full Article (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/article.php?id=5151)]

31-Jul-14, 11:30
got your photo and name in paper etc Rhoda or did you only heard about it yesterday, LOL.

31-Jul-14, 12:25
Just a pity that TESCO never turned over the Millbank site to a local group for a Community Centre. They said "its not in our shareholders interests" ,but they had offered other town the same deal. Funny how the same folk that stopped the ASDA deal are doing all the shouting now. Must be a vote in the air .