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29-Jul-14, 07:04
Wickers praised for standing by their gala night in the rain

WICK gala committee chair, Donna Plowman has praised townsfolk for literally standing by the biggest event of the festival in the heavy rain - the crowning of the gala queen and the procession of floats and fancy dress collectors through the street. Mrs Plowman gave her her introductory speech at the crowning of gala Queen Katie Dunnett, on Saturday night, during which, she remarked that Wickers had a reputation of pulling together for the gala, year-on-year.

And it wasn't long before her confidence in them was put to the test as the heavens opened. Despite, the heavy rain, the Queen's court and onlookers put up umbrellas and lined the streets to see the procession of decorated floats make their way through the streets.

Mr Plowman said: "It was such an horrendous downpour, some folk would have understandably have been running for cover but so far as I could see most of them stayed put, even the younger fancy dress entrants whose cardboard costumes soon became soggy. The baton twirlers and the pipe band had no cover whatsoever."
She added: "I couldn't have been more proud of everyone. I know I formally ask for their support every year but this year, given the atrocious conditions, they excelled themselves."

Revising the royal burgh's motto Mrs Plowman commented: "It demonstrates that Wickers works weil -whatever the weather!"
The public's commitment was also reflected in the first night's takings amounting to 7000, which, with some contributions still to come could well equal last year's figure.
The week-long gala continues today (Tuesday) with a baby show, a childrens' fancy dress competition and a whist drive.

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