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26-Jul-14, 13:07
Teenager's record "truly extraordinary" said sheriff

A WICK teenager who scratched his name on a cell wall while on remand, got a dressing down from the sheriff.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Morgan Stubbings, 16, said that maintenance of cells were financed by hard-working taxpayers who had to fork out for such repairs.
The sheriff continued: “Maybe you thought it looked impressive, something you can tell your friends about.”
Commenting on Stubbings’ record, Sheriff Berry continued: “It is a very long time since I dealt with someone who had been involved in so much criminality in such a short period and it is truly extraordinary.”
Stubbings admitted charges of vandalism, and breaking bail. He lashed out at the wing mirror of a car for no apparent reason, while passing with his girlfriend, causing £70 of damage.
Sheriff Berry warned the accused that until he acquired a degree of maturity, his future was going to be bleak, finding himself regularly in the company of court security officers, leading him away from the dock in handcuffs to start custodial sentences.
The sheriff counselled Stubbing about the company he was keeping, instancing the youth who had been removed to the cells for his bad behaviour in the public seats and speaking to the bench in “a sarcastic tone”
Stubbing, of Murchison Street, Wick, was made subject to a good behaviour bond and bailed until August 22 when it will be reviewed.
The sheriff warned that any fall from grace would inevitably lead the accused to detention.