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26-Jul-14, 12:17
Garden gate threat was all show court told

AN attempt by a Staxigoe man to re-kindle his relationship with his ex-partner proved unsuccessful, David McPhee, 35,lost the plot.
He took her garden gate off its hinges and threatened to cause damage with it, Wick Sheriff Court heard.
However, the court heard that he had been “putting on a show” and there was no danger of the incident escalating.
McPhee, of 15 Elzy Road, Staxigoe, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour at his ex-partner’s home in Seaforth Avenue, Wick, on June 18.
He was given a six months good behaviour bond and banned from any contact with her.

Lucky not to be on lengthy remand

THE sheriff told a man who admitted a domestic assault that he was lucky not to be spending several weeks on remand.
Sheriff Berry said that but for fast-tracking a background report which enabled him to sentence Alan Gray, 29.
The accused had previously admitted assaulting his pregnant partner following a disagreement at their home in Owen Place, Wick,on July 14. During a struggle, he bit his partner, Victoria Streight on her left leg.
Sheriff Berry deferred sentence for six months by which time, the couple's baby would have arrived and "things had calmed down".

No insurance for quad bike

NURSE Phillip Cogill had the use of a quad bike when he drove for a night out with friends.
However, on his way to where he was staying, he left farm land and the detour took him onto a public road at East Mey where he was not covered by insurance.
Coghill, 44, of East Kilngate Wynd, Edinburgh, admitted the offence, on January 26, and a record and was fined £200. He also incurred six penalty points.