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24-Jul-14, 08:08
Father's action in taking alleged bullies to task was "inappropriate"

A TEENAGE pupil was being bullied to such an extent that her father removed her from the school, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday.
It happened some time after he had a run-in with the two 13-year-olds he claimed were responsible, the day he visited the Caithness school to discuss the problem with teachers.
The middle-aged father bumped into the pair by chance and lost his temper after he got the impression they were “smirking” and “laughing at him”. He shouted at them and was later charged with abusive behaviour, on April 25.
The father, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was given a two-month good behaviour bond when he pleaded guilty at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said: “His daughter has been bullied to such an extent, that she no longer attends the school...she has been driven out of it.”
Mr Wilson said it was not what the father had said to the alleged bullies, warning them to leave his daughter alone, but the way he had expressed it.
The solicitor added: “It was a chance meeting and a brief loss of temper. The accused appreciates he should have gone through the normal channels.”
Sheriff Andrew Berry said that he was not going to “delve into the merits” of the accused’s claims about bullying but described his behaviour as “inappropriate”. The sheriff commented that the accused had a good work ethic and he was unlikely to reappear in court.