View Full Version : LadyK has a brthday

01-Oct-02, 23:20
The ever popular LadyK has a birthday today. I wont let on how old she is but I will say happy birthday lady K and leave the poetry to those who can.

Lots of love



01-Oct-02, 23:55
Oh come on squidge, tell us how old she is. Will we need a fire extinguisher for the candles on the cake, or not? Happy Birthday LadyK. -Ht

02-Oct-02, 00:12
Happy Birthday Lady K :D
Heres a clue htwood M8...Lady K is older than me.... :p

02-Oct-02, 00:15
Wow Gili, older than YOU?

*takes off shoes to count toes too*

We better pull the fireboat up close to the dock then. OK, light them candles Kay.

02-Oct-02, 01:23
Well, thankyou, ladies! :D

Htwood, I'm still younger than you, lol! [lol]

My hubby put 20 candles on my cake, so that's a clue right there! ;)

And howz about a poem, please, Mr Monkey? You haven't taken Ms Squidge's hint yet! :p

02-Oct-02, 13:36
Many Happy returns Lady K
dinna worry a wumman only becomes ould when her age exceeds her bust size


02-Oct-02, 17:07
As invited to do so, a poem for LadyK's birthiversary...


02-Oct-02, 19:41
Very clever, Mr Monkey, but a little too much information, don't you think? :roll:

02-Oct-02, 22:34
Oh cheeky Monkey....yes, that's you!
You live up to your name
You're a clever chap, I can't deny
But you've rather annoyed this dame!

This birthday girl did ask for a poem
Indeed, I politely asked you
But "This is your life" I didn't expect
And now I'm a bright red hue!

05-Oct-02, 23:22
Well, I had a lovely birthday! Lots of cards and some flowers, and really nice pressies. I was pleased with all of them. Then I was taken out for a delicious dinner in the evening. It was fun, fun, fun! :D

05-Oct-02, 23:49
Better late than never many congratulations pleased you had a great day.After recent excursion may be tempted to put pen to paper in the not too distant future.All the best..did Mum and Dad help you blow out the candles!!!!!

06-Oct-02, 21:37
Thanks for your congratulations, LIZZ! :D I did manage to blow out the candles by myself, LOL! [lol]

Practice makes perfect! :lol:

24-Oct-02, 00:13
happy birdy