View Full Version : Grass Cutting

18-Jul-14, 01:08
2 13 year old lads looking to cut some gardens in Wick during their holidays and if needed to end of grass season.Have experience and some gardens at the moment could manage a few more reasonable rates.Have own machinery.
Tel 07542799146 or pm for more information.

22-Jul-14, 21:23
Well done to these lads for getting off their bahookies and doing something useful for their coin in the holidays. Theres more to life (and school holidays) than sleeping till dinner time and Playstations!

23-Jul-14, 13:39
Well done indeed. Grass cutting and gardening is something they can continue to do throughout their adult lives to earn extra money each summer.

23-Jul-14, 14:29
Thank You for your kind comments.Its a wee bit slow for them just now but two enthusiastic young lads which is good to see.