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13-Mar-07, 13:53
Humpty Dumpty.

A person of unknown gender sat on a safe wall, this person of unknown gender had a significant fall, all the government officials and all of their environmentally friendly modes of transport couldn't effectively aid the person of unknown gender to reestablish equilibrium in their life, either mentally or physically.

Little Miss Muffet.

Vertically challenged, upwardly mobile female youth surnamed "Muffet", sat on her tuffet.
She consumed her assigned food supplement for the incident in question and in harmony with the recommended daily allowance of calories for female youths.
Along came an indigenous, tax-paying, law-abiding arachnid and dwelled in goodwill with her for a time.
The vertically challenged, upwardly mobile female youth surnamed "Muffet" decided to vacate the said tuffet in haste for an unknown/undisclosed reason, unrelated to the arrival of the indigenous, tax-paying, law-abiding arachnid.

13-Mar-07, 13:58
good ones saveman

13-Mar-07, 14:20
Too funny! [lol]

13-Mar-07, 15:25
Well done, really funny:lol: More More More!!

13-Mar-07, 16:33
Very pc & very funny Saveman. [lol]

14-Mar-07, 17:48
very good, person who can furnish an escape route to any who request such a facility.