View Full Version : Man bit pregnant partner

15-Jul-14, 18:57
Sheriff calls for background report before sentencing
Victoria Streight got the upper hand in a struggle with her partner Alan Gray, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
She had him in a headlock but he still managed to bit her on her left leg.
The police were called and Gray, 29, was charged with assaulting her. Gray, unemployed, pleaded guilty when he appeared from custody.
The incident followed a disagreement between them at their home at 1 Owen Place, Wick, on Monday night.Sheriff Andrew Berry called for reports aimed at establishing whether there was any underlying problems in their five-year relationship, and, noting Gray's extensive record, made his bail subject to a condition that he must not contact Ms Streight, who is pregnant.
The accused will reappear for sentence on July 25. He is presently living at his mother's address in Queen's Square, Wick.