View Full Version : Bail breacher remanded

07-Jul-14, 21:48
Couldn't be trusted to comply with any more bail orders

A PERSISTENT bail-breacher was remanded in custody yesterday by a local sheriff who said he could not trust him to comply with yet another court order.
Craig Robertson's latest breach was his second in four days and occurred on Saturday when he was again found at the home of the partner he was banned from having any contact with.
Police discovered Robertson, 40, at Louise McMurray's home in Scrabster when they called to speak to her about an unrelated matter. She was said to have invited the accused to visit her, although David Barclay, prosecuting, stressed that it was the court that had the authority to alter the terms of court orders, not “third parties”.
Robertson, presently living at 40 Sweyn Road, Thurso, admitted breaching the no-contact bail condition, when he appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court, today. Sentence was deferred until July 22, for a background report, by Sheriff Andrew Berry who noted Robertson’s history of non-compliance with court orders.