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Treud na Mara
02-Jul-14, 22:16
Having lived in or near quite a few cities in the UK I have always been able to find "pub folk clubs" where pubs, clubs, hotels etc allow customers/visitors to bring allong instruments one evening a week/month and have a "session" in one of the bars. This provides valuable experiance, passage of ideas, confidence, fun and crack whilst providing the bar with free music and extra takings from drinks/snacks purchase by folk proformers (and as word gets round extra customers who come to listen)
Is there anywhere in Caithness that this happens? or is there a folk club anywhere in Caithness that has singers nights? Does this spark intrest with anyone?

02-Jul-14, 22:22
Try the Commercial Bar on a Thursday evening, they have practice sessions for folkies, might be worth investigating

02-Jul-14, 22:29
Pretty sure its Wednesdays

03-Jul-14, 07:24
It's been Wednesdays for a good while. I always try and look in when I'm home, the sessions are good and the place is busy.

Treud na Mara
03-Jul-14, 13:26
Sorry to be dense but Commercial Bar where ?

03-Jul-14, 13:48
Sorry, should have said. The Comm's in Thurso, right at the bottom of Princes Street.

Treud na Mara
03-Jul-14, 14:01
Thanks stumpy.