View Full Version : Cats Protection Volunteers required

18-Jun-14, 12:00
Caithness Branch of Cats Protection is looking for volunteers to help with a variety of roles. We need:-
Secretary- to send out agendas and take/distribute meeting minutes
Helpline/enquiries volunteers- to take calls from the public and respond/forward appropriately
For car owners:-
Transport volunteers-to take cats to/from vets etc
Home visitors- to visit prospective new owners to ensure that they get the right cat for them
Trap, neuter, return volunteers- to trap feral (wild living) cats, take them to the vets for neutering/health check and return to site
Cats Protection will provide all required equipment/support/training and pay all reasonable expenses.
If interested please PM me
Also posted in the Volunteering section, but I think more people read Pets Corner :)