View Full Version : Dog meet up groups?

17-Jun-14, 16:26
I'm wondering if there are any local meet up groups, where our dogs could socialize with each other? Thanks

17-Jun-14, 17:30
Are you in Wick or Thurso end? my doggie could do with some socialising too....

17-Jun-14, 17:53
I'm in Wick, but I'd happily travel if it meant he could socialise:)

17-Jun-14, 18:55
sent you a message

19-Jun-14, 11:51
Other than Caithness Canine club and other training classes in the Caithness area I would think not...but a good thing to do...:-)

19-Jun-14, 15:01
The agility classes, held at th indoor school in Halkirk, are a great way to socialise your dog and have good fun with him at the same time :)

Birdie Wife
19-Jun-14, 20:09
Are you on Facebook? There's a site called Highland Dogblog which was set up for dog owners in the Highland region. There are pack walks, photo competitions, and it's a really friendly site.

21-Jun-14, 13:44
the Agility is held by Caithness Canine Club they have a web site & a Facebook page...:-)