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10-Mar-07, 14:20
Does anyone have a good, basic pancake recipe plus any cooking tips? Mines are either runny in the middle, burnt or like rubber! :(

10-Mar-07, 19:22
Some pancake tips:

Don't overbeat your batter. Stir the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until it's just mixed, then let it rest for 5 minutes. During that 5 minutes, heat your pan over medium heat. Pour in a bit of oil and test cook a small spoonful of batter. The right temperature will have your pancake golden brown in one minute. When you see small bubbles burst on the top of the pancake, you'll know it's time to flip it.

mrs n
10-Mar-07, 20:03

1lb plain flour
4oz sugar
4 fl oz oil
3 eggs
1 oz baking powder
approx 1/2 pt milk and a splash of water to make mix that runs fairly slow off the spoon

sift flour mix all and beat well by hand getting as much air in as possible

10-Mar-07, 20:19
Well...might give pancakes another try now....my previous efforts have been disastrous :roll:

Does anyone have pancake fillings they could recommend? (Just in case I get the pancakes right next time) :lol:

10-Mar-07, 22:55
Hi Angela,

I love pancakes!! (just taking a wee break from doing home made chicken/veggie soup)

Sweet apples, peaches, and straw or raspberries are great for pancake batter. Blueberries are really good!!!!!!

And don't forget to add real maple syrup!~!!

mrs n
11-Mar-07, 08:40
the recipe i gave is for scotch pancakes not the ones you fill

11-Mar-07, 10:08
I did wonder mrs n!
I've not been any good at these either...so far...:(

mrs n
11-Mar-07, 11:22
sorry to confuse you angela, give these a try i have been making them for years, mind you have to be in the mood, beat in plenty of air and i do mine on a greased girdle preheated