View Full Version : Housing complex resident attacked - court

16-Jun-14, 19:57
Specs and hearing aid dislodged sheriff is told

AN elderly resident in a Wick housing complex had his spectacles knocked off and lost an hearing aid during an incident in the common room.
It led to another resident being charged with assault. Morris Macleod pleaded guilty to striking 77-year-old Eric Woodman at Caberfeidh Court, on March 24, and will be sentenced next month.
Wick Sheriff Court heard that the pair had been at odds in the common room - "some form of altercation." David Barclay, prosecuting, said that Mr Woodman wasn't sure how many times he was struck, but the blows knocked his glasses off and dislodged his hearing aid.
The court was told that Macleod, 52, was currently on a three-month good behaviour bond, imposed after he admitted an earlier offence involving the same victim.
Sheriff Andrew Berry continued the case until July 25 for a background report. Macleod is banned from entering Caberfeidh Court meantime and is not allowed to contact Mr Woodman. However, his solicitor, Neil Wilson, said his client had since moved to other accommodation.
Mr Wilson added that the situation with both men staying at the housing complex had been "a flashpoint".