View Full Version : Jail for man who scorned chances

13-Jun-14, 15:59
Twenty-four year-old said to be incapable of adhering to court orders
A YOUNG MAN has been jailed after scorning the final chance a sheriff gave him.
John Begg, 24, was last month allowed to continue with 150 hours of unpaid community work, despite breaching the order. It was imposed in 2012 for headbutting Stephen Walls in Wick, which he denied but was found guilty after a trial.
At the May hearing, Begg, 24, of 37 Macrae Street, Wick was said to have considerable academic achievements and “exceptional ability” and had studied while in prison for unrelated offences. It was stated that his spells in custody were partly due to the fact he had made little progress with the unpaid work.
Begg was back in court, at Wick, today, however, and admitted a further breach of the order.
His solicitor, Neil Wilson conceded that to try to again persuade Sheriff Andrew Berry to refrain from imposing a jail sentence would be “a waste of my breath”.
Mr Wilson added: “I am looking for a silver lining in the dark clouds and finding none.
He added that Begg appeared to be incapable of adhering to court orders. The accused was jailed for four months and was heard to comment- "Thank-you very much" as he was led away.