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12-Jun-14, 19:11
Bottle hit teenager though aimed at someone else
A WOMEN screamed after being hit by a broken bottle during a street confrontation in Thurso, the court heard.
Lisa Cowie, who was hit by the bottle, wasn’t Andrew Walker’s intended target, it was stated at Wick Sheriff Court.
Walker, 19, admitted a charge of assault in Janet Street, Thurso, and will be sentence next month.
The court heard that the trouble flared after a group of people spilled out of the Janet Street Club following an 18th birthday celebration, on April 5, last year.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said it wasn’t known whether or not Walker was one of the guests. He was holding the broken bottle when he got involved in a confrontation with a man.
Ms Cowie and some of her friends had approached to see what was going on and, sensing a potential flare-up, decided to try to calm the situation.
Mr Barclay said that Ms Cowie, 16 years-old at the time, was standing near to the accused when he swung the bottle accidently hitting her on the hand although she was not the intended target. She was treated in hospital for a four-centimetre cut.
Sheriff Berry who heard that the accused was under the influence of drink at the time, deferred sentence on Walker, of 48 Seaforth Avenue, Wick, until July 23 for a background report.