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07-Jun-14, 17:23
Major garden work !!
We have a (rough guide) 8m square garden which we want to completely overhaul.

This would definitely require someone with plant/bush/tree knowledge.

Ideally we need it to be re-fenced, patio added, weed prevention sheeting put down, bark where suitable, lawn re-shaped and (possibly) re-turfed also bushes/plants removed and replaced with what the knowledgeable gardener would advise us about. A total refurbishment basically of the initial layout as it stands at the moment.

I have had certain companies in to have a look at it, but due to time restraints, lack of plant knowledge and various other restrictions, I am still desperately looking for someone who can do the overall job to our requirements.

If you, or someone you know of, can help then please PM me.

Thank you for reading.

18-Jun-14, 12:43
Give R.G Fencing a call 07817686839

20-Jun-14, 17:20
Good grief BO-PEEP !!!!!!!!!!
Are you a mind reader :eek: :eek: :Razz ???
I'm just off the phone, practically two minutes ago to the very same company and have just read your (very kind) reply !!
Thank you for reply, have arranged a visit from R.G. Fencing and will let you know the outcome.