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03-Jun-14, 11:50
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Heading To Brazil For World Cup? - Buy A Local Sim Card and Top Up

Mobile data bills could hit 465 per day in Brazil if footie fans opt out of automatic data limits imposed by networks, instead of using free local Wi-Fi[3]. Fans jetting off for the 10-day group stage could be hit with a staggering roaming bill of almost 5,000[4], more than eight times the cost of the best tickets to the final[5] Brits visiting Brazil can expect to spend an average 5 on every 1MB of mobile internet data - enough to view just 10 web pages, or stream a one minute video Football fans risk running up bill of over a 20 per day, just for calls, voicemail retrieval and texts. [Read Full Article (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/article.php?id=4986)]

06-Jun-14, 16:08
I did a bit of research for my Dad who is off to Brazil next week (grumble, mutter). You can get some really good rates with a roaming SIM card, the best of which is offered by GO-SIM.com. Their Passport SIM offers calls for 79c per minute (47p) and data at 99c per MB (58p) in Brazil. The next best (Truphone) offers $1.03 for calls and $2.97 per MB for data. So it's pretty clear that if you're not buying a local SIM, this is the best option.