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Cedric Farthsbottom III
09-Mar-07, 00:20
A woke up wi bleary eyes as normal
To the bathroom I began to pave
For ma first days business,the same every day
A pee,a wash and a shave

I looked in the mirror,he looked back at me
Ma toothpaste tastes of Pacers
Shaving foam on ma face
Gillette Fusion the King of Razors

Then I grabbed the bottle next to me
It was 59p aftershave,the label so tatty
The smell made me boke
The Joys of Hi Cowpattie

Went to work and strode along
Howkin trollies in aw ma poses
Seeing poor punters walkin by
Holdin on to their noses

They blamed it on the slurry
To them I felt so sorry
Cos it wisnae that that caused the smell
It was ma aftershave that fell off the back o a lorry

09-Mar-07, 08:19
If you're going to Tesco today
I've only one thing to say -
Take pegs for your noses
And buy a few roses
For a pong may waft by your way.

Beware of the man with the Trolley
For although he always seems jolly
He exudes an odour -
A veritable lung corroder
Keep your head well under your brolly!!

Just smile as you pass him by
Dont breathe or heave a sigh
Carry on walking
Dont stop to risk talking
Pretend you've a speck in your eye !

09-Mar-07, 23:48
I would post an answer but I'm laffin too much.
The style of your writing me humour does touch.
So I'll just sit here with a grin an' a giggle,
An' hope the bits that should n't don't wiggle.

Cedric Farthsbottom III
14-Mar-07, 22:58
Good stuff folks the smell has subsidied now thank god.Was in hysterics though came into the literature section without loggin on and saw the sponsored links for this thread.Cheap aftershaves and cheap shaving foam.Still creasin masel:lol: :lol: