View Full Version : k dragon needs help with his movies lol

K dragon
08-Mar-07, 23:23
as some of you may know i do some amatuer movie stuff (dont twist that and make that dirty lol)

i recently made a second edit of one of my movies and its waaaaayyy better, and also features some of my own music.

here is the problem, the vid is about seven mins long, shove it up on youtube you say? well, the video file is 339mb. blast!

and you tube only takes a hundred or so.

i would really like to put this vid up so folks can see it and as i plan to make many more stuff as its my hobby of sorts.

i dont know how to create webspace or program and such so im kinda left scratching my head. any help and i would REALLY appreciate it.

thanks dave

08-Mar-07, 23:29
rsize it on movie maker? no

makes it more pixelated but still!

i get to see u act! (Y)

K dragon
08-Mar-07, 23:37
its just a re edit of wdm pilot lol

will attrmpt that now thanks.

K dragon
08-Mar-07, 23:47
no it wont work as it doesnt like the file format.

im using a new editor, its more professional and advamced and thus the bigger file size. but anyone with more suggestions please say.

would buying some web space and getting someone to program a site from scratch be my only option, i cant HTML to save my life.

08-Mar-07, 23:48
Can't you find an appropriate place to cut in in half and make it part one and part two and upload both parts. I am alwyas creating website, but you'll find that a lot of web providers also have limits on upload files. If you can cut it in two halfs and upload them at the same time I would do that. If making movies is something you'd be moreserious about in future, I woudl definately consider getting your own website and URL for your productions, you could display your movies and soundtrack work to the world.

Are you using Pinnacle for your movies?

08-Mar-07, 23:52
dave man when u save to the computer on movie maker take the mb downto 9

and change the type of file to suit youtube! (Y)

K dragon
08-Mar-07, 23:54
i use magix pro.

09-Mar-07, 00:04
:eyes :Razz *raspberry*


K dragon
09-Mar-07, 00:07
i find it waaaaay better than wmm. its okay but i need something bit more advanced.

still i think i may have to get someone to design me a website lol

09-Mar-07, 00:42
My weapon of choice is Adobe Premier Pro 2.

You have all the codecs required to resize from anything to anything else (within reason). The trick is to keep the content quality at a resonable file size. (Lots of trial and error tests).:confused

K dragon
09-Mar-07, 01:33
deemac what would you say is a decent size as in something by something.

and also the frame rate.

i have tried three different combinations and losing my cool, not pretty.

K dragon
09-Mar-07, 04:40
scratch that. finally got it, will uplaod new vid later, as im off to bed and shall be up at night as usual.

thanks for the input guys and deemac i finally get what you mean about the codecs etc.

just wasnt sure how to acess that on my software but i got her.

thanks again.

09-Mar-07, 11:55
Glad you got your results.

Yes, video codecs are a minefield!! Much more confusing than audio formats.

There appears to be no other way than trial and error tests with your movie file. I get reasonable results with WMV codec 9 at higher resolutions.

From what I can also tell, when you upload to Youtube they are re-compressing to a flash video format. Fast moving content with detail tends not to translate very well.

Look forward to seeing what you've been up to.

K dragon
09-Mar-07, 19:28
thats the vid up, it did lower the quality somewhat.

but its okay.

should have more cinematic pieces to put up in about 5 to six weeks, i have had to put my film projects on hold due to all the gig stuff.

K dragon
10-Mar-07, 17:58
woops shoulda put the link up lol

be fore warned that there is swearing and violence, so dont click on the link if you dont wanna see or hear that kind of material and caithness.org are not responsible for putting the link up.


10-Mar-07, 18:57
K dude

dunno what like the owner of the org is now

but they banned me for a good few weeks because i put a link my myspace on it

and sum1 left me a comment with bad words in it

and because of that they banned me!
Wasnt fair at all! but they did it

11-Mar-07, 03:10
K Dragon,
I've now watched your movie. Interesting concept. Not sure if your were going for the hand held (Blairwitch) vibe, but I'd have done some of your panning shots using a tripod to smooth the pan out. You also should overdub metal sword hit samples over every sword blow. (It sounds like wood on wood). - Think Foley artist!! Just some personal thoughts - no more . . . .:)

K dragon
11-Mar-07, 11:30
ahh well i do actually have an edit with sword effects but i cant be bothered producing it lol

well i can assure you that its not wood on wood, those are real swords, made of steel. i have the scars to prove it lol (choreography always goes wrong at some point)

also i use a very simple camera. and it was on a tripod. all of the time. its just hard to work in strong winds.

i just do it for fun, so i guess im going to stay with the "blair witch style" for a while as the camera i have my sights on is about 1500 squid lol

but in the next six to seven weeks, im planning on filming random sword or weapon fights.

like short movie segment battles.

no story really. it just gives us an oppertunity to practice choreography a bit more, also im going to have to use sword effects now because of the new british laws. i can still purchase a real sword (although paying up to eighty quid for two and then hacking them to bits is expensive and i cant afford that) but the new laws are a bit tougher on what you do with them.

so im looking into LARP weapons. some look rubbish but some are very good, basically there rubber/latex/foam, with a solid glass fibre and schock resistant centre. so you can go a hell of a lot faster and not worry about slicing your mates ear off lol.

but thanks for checking out the vid.

11-Mar-07, 15:03
K Dragon,
I got a Sony HDR-HC1E High definition (1080i - 16:9 widescreen etc) camcorder recently and highly recommend it for more serious quality/usage. I do know that this particular model is no longer available but very similar (Hard drive based etc) models are.

with HD video is the 12,000Mb an hour file size!!! on transfer to the computer for editing (and I thought audio was lumpy . . . . .)

Anyway good luck with your sword fighting. I did like your video effects especially the blood red tints when a wound has been inflicted. Nice touch.

Look forward to seeing more of your efforts. (Mine are still are in heavy R&D mode).