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07-Mar-07, 20:19
I make my own sausage here in Pennsylvania, notably Polish, Hot and Sweet Italian, Hot Dogs, and Kielbasa, but I cannot find a good banger recipe to save myself! Anyone out there have one? I'll be happy to post any of my recipes if anyone asks!!(I'd KILL for a Mackay's pork sausage!!)

07-Mar-07, 20:24
we reared 2 pigs last year and after all the chops and joints, we mixed what was left over with some venison, which my hubby shot and butchered. then took the pork and venison to the local butcher and he made about 780 sausages for us. they are very very yummy and i have not had someone say yet that they dont like them.

07-Mar-07, 21:55
Try these

>> http://sausagefans.com/recipes.php