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17-May-14, 08:27
Bright young man escapes jail and gets chance

A YOUNG man with a record has been given a chance by a sheriff who was impressed by his academic achievements.
John Begg, 24, passed no less than eight standard grades while at school and went on to take his highers in maths and English, while in prison, Sheriff Andrew Berry observed in a background report.
Begg had denied a charge of assault in 2012 but was found guilty after a trial and was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid community work.
However, Wick Sheriff Court heard, yesterday, the accused had made little progress with it, partly because of prison sentences imposed as a result of his reoffending and had twice breached the order.
Making a desperate plea to the sheriff to refrain from again sending Begg to prison, solicitor Neil Wilson that offending apart, Begg had shown himself to be someone with "exceptional ability" aimed at getting him employment and said:" I wonder if you would be persuaded to give him a chance, and review his progress. If he does not take it, then he only has himself to blame."
Social worker Alan Easton said that his colleague who had prepared the background report, felt that a further opportunity to work with the accused, might help break his cycle of offending.
Sheriff Berry commented that there was not many people around who had achieved the same qualifications as Begg and added: "It is clear that his potential is limitless."
Releasing Begg - he appeared from custody - to resume his community service imposed after the accused headbutted Stephen Walls in Wick, the sheriff urged him to co-operate with those administering it.
Begg, whose home address is 37 Macrae Street, Wick, will return to court in a month's time when his progress will be reviewed.

Man with scant regard for court orders is jailed

A WICK man with “a scant regard” for court orders was jailed for two hundred days.
Johnston Heath, 48, got into an argument with his partner over whether fish had been properly cooked, at their home at 19 Kennedy Terrace, Wick, on April 7. He began to shout and swear at her and she called the police. The accused admitted threatening or abusive behaviour.
Sheriff Berry commented on Heath’s extensive record of disorderly conduct and bail breaches and his repeated refusal to comply with court orders.
The sheriff sentenced the accused to 100 days jail and, running consecutively, a further such period in lieu of the part of a six-month sentence imposed for a previous offence of disorderly conduct which Heath didn’t complete as he had been allowed out on licence.