View Full Version : Gig Poster Help

06-Mar-07, 16:02

I need help with gig poster designing and would rather be able to do it myself than pestering someone else to do it.

Can anyone recommend any half decent, easy to use, prefferebly free poster design programs i can download fae the web?

Not wanting anything fancy, just something that looks like it hasn't been put together using 'paint' lol

06-Mar-07, 16:15
I don't mind doing something for you if you like Moncur!

06-Mar-07, 16:53
cheers dude, just looking for a generic poster that i can change the date/ venue on for pub gigs. il be in contact with you soon though. Got a friend gonna try help me out tonight.

Much appreciated

06-Mar-07, 16:56
No problem lad.