View Full Version : Weigh2Save open on Saturday don't forget

01-May-14, 20:07
Please note that Weigh2Save on Dempster Street, Wick is open on Saturday from 9.00 am until 4.00pm. 25% off all items in tubs and lots of other bargains available.

02-May-14, 00:38
wick will be a poorer place without this shop and i take my hat off to the hard working lady who knocked her pan in to make a go of it.

even when against it she had a very helpful attitude and deserves a medal for her 'can do' spirit - to be honest every (independant) retailer in Wick deserves this medal

02-May-14, 01:06
Weigh to save needs protected heritage status! the 99p shops are disappearing at a rate of knots..... we need a reliable 95 pence store or 50 pence store (a pipe dream) to replace "weigh to save"..... a sad day indeed but good news for the "weigh to save" shopper....... word on the street says that "eat as much as you want for fifty pence" has bought out "weigh to save"....... a great day for the consumer....... Pie and chips for fifty pence? healthy eating has never been more affordable.

I'll get my coat,

And hat..........