View Full Version : Jail for "miserable" crime

01-May-14, 15:20
Tried to sell stolen goods worth over 2000

A MAN, said to have embarked on the “miserable” crime of resetting stolen property, was jailed for a year at Wick Sheriff Court today.
Jason Crompton, 44, admitted the charge and a record when he appeared on indictment from custody.
The court was told the accused committed the offence on January 21, only a few days after being given the chance of a community payback order on an earlier crime.
The items which had been stolen from a house in Wick, were DJ equipment, a CB radio, a number of ornaments and jewellery with a total value of over 2000. The bulk of them were recovered.
Police traced the accused after learning he had been seen in Wick with the haul. One prospective buyer had declined to purchase some of the goods as he thought “there was something not right about it”.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Crompton’s record made a prison sentence inevitable.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said that housebreaking brought misery to perfectly decent, hardworking people adding that the accused had engaged in the miserable practice of resetting other people’s property for his own gain.
The jail term was backdated to February 10 when Crompton was remanded.