View Full Version : who can fix a telecaster?

05-Apr-05, 20:57
do you know anyone who can sort out interference on a telecaster? theres a constant humming sound when plugged in (possibility of it not being grounded correctly). I do not want to try this myself as im not good with wiring.



07-Apr-05, 18:14
Do you by any chance, use the guitar in a room with dimmer switches for the lights. I know that when I do, there is a hum/buzz, but it goes once the lights are switched off! Try it, it might save you the expense of a repair.

08-Apr-05, 13:20
no its definetly a fault with the guitar. i've got a number of someone who can repair the problem. thanks anyway

25-May-05, 17:33
It might be the earthing wire under the bridge plate, or maybe the pickup soldering. Does it matter where the selector switch is?

25-May-05, 19:07
Speak to Willie McKay. He has built electric guitars from scratch. I'll PM you his number. :D