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30-Apr-14, 07:25
Diesel lands his owner in trouble after leaving home in breach of control order
NADIA DEVINE thought her dog was safe at home when she went out one Spring day.
But the she underestimated the Staffordshire terrier’s intelligence.
Clever canine, Diesel, pushed back the catches on a window and created enough space through which to escape landing her in hot water. For the dog was subject to a control order. It was found wandering in a neighbouring street and the local dog warden was called in.
Devine, 24, admitted court having allowed Diesel to stray unaccompanied and minus a muzzle, and was given a six-month trial to demonstrate she could comply with control order.
The great escape emerged yesterday at Wick Sheriff Court which heard that the intrepid terrier was spotted wandering in paths and gardens, in the town’s Murchison Street, not far from Devine’s home, shortly after midday on April 4 and the authorities were informed.
Police traced the accused, of 49 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, and she was subsequently charged,
David Barclay, prosecuting, described the incident as being "at the lower end" of the criminal scale and added: "The dog has simply roamed - nothing further".
It was solicitor Alex Burn who revealed Diesel’s part in his owner falling foul of the law
The dog had slid back the catches on the window, pushed it open and made a break for it. The accused’s husband had fallen asleep and was unaware of Diesel’s departure. Steps, however had been taken to ensure there wasn’t a repetition of the offence.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, imposing the six-month good behaviour bond, said that, as the dog had escaped, there was no necessity for a pet ban or an order to have it destroyed.