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29-Apr-14, 16:27
Fisherman fined 200 for 980 theft from house
A JOHN O’ GROATS fisherman who stole 980 from a Thurso householder in an opportunist theft, has been fined 200.
Twenty-six-year-old Eddie Macgregor, will also have to pay back the entire sum. He appeared from custody, at Wick Sheriff Court, today, and admitted the theft from the house in Albyn Court, Thurso, on Sunday, and a record.
Macgregor, of 12 Heatherbell Cottages, John O’ Groats, visited the householder, accompanied by another person. The cash was discovered missing after they left. Macgregor had no prior knowledge of the money and had come across it by “pure chance”.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the bundle of notes had not been recovered. The accused will repay it at the rate of 20 per week.