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22-Apr-14, 23:55
Just wondering if there is anyone out there that knows of someone that can"service" an amp?

I have a 60W Fallen Angel Tube Amp and all of a sudden it stopped making any sound. The amp itself powers up and the front panel is illuminated and the cooling fan also works.

I replaced the tubes but this has made no difference. The tubes are not lighting up at all.

Any advice or recommendations welcome.


David B
27-Apr-14, 12:42
My son's Blackstar stopped working recently. It was out of warranty. The valves were checked and were fine. Problem was the circuit board which is not a DIY fix for most of us. Dealer sent it off to Blackstar and it cost a reasonable 45 for the repair. It is sounding great again. Back in the day when I was a drummer, both guitarists in the band got their Marshalls ands Fenders repaired/modified by Dennis Marshall in Dunfermline. He is also name checked in glowing terms on the Aberdeen Music website. A long way to go but if you are in the area then it is worth a detour. He has a website.

27-Apr-14, 20:21
If you are confident with electronics have a look here for a self diagnosis - http://www.geofex.com/ampdbug/ampdebug.htm

If not there is a guy that sub-contracts from Inverness Music Station who fixed my last tube amp - 01463 225523.:)

30-Apr-14, 13:31
I suggest you look at the transformer. Sounds like the HT (my old term for high voltage) side has gone. If its not that it may be an internal fuse or the rectifier. Have you checked all the fuses ? Thre may be a separate one on the HT side.