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18-Apr-14, 11:12

The Rumblin' Tum is now open 7 days a week from 9am till at least 7pm.
This also includes all over Easter.

Rivendell Garden Center

Just up from Tesco.

18-Apr-14, 14:34
Thank you for out pitstop yesterday, the coffee and cake was lovely...............just a pity we both thought each other had paid and left you strapped for cash. I will save up penny pieces in a jar and bring them to you next time I am let out................hope the interest rate isn`t too high.............Please don`t send the sheriffs officers.....pretty please.

Seriously good food at reasonable prices, excellent craik and the toilet makeovers are a work in progress and will be worth the wait (lol).

Don`t ask when they will be finished.............we live in Caithness, and whatever day of the week it is going to be there are fifty-two to choose from.

30-Apr-14, 16:05
Well done Glyn and Benjamin, hope you have good a season.

03-May-14, 11:31
I enjoyed my chilli con carnie and chips yesterday! You get my vote for the best chips in Caithness!