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16-Apr-14, 16:04
Is JMS Express still trading in Wick?
I've been waiting 3 weeks for a parcel to be collected and sent back to QVC under a 30 day money back guarantee and so far the couriers have missed 2 appointments and I'm now waiting in for the 3rd week hopintg they'll turn up at some point.
Hermes (the agents) claim they use JMS Express to collect parcels but I fail to see how a courier in Wick can't be bothered to keep an arrangement here in Lybster.
I rang JMS but I swear the guy who answered was speaking a whole other language and I could not understand one jot of what he said.
So are they still trading?

16-Apr-14, 17:22
Porshiepoo, I don't think JMS do that anymore. As far as I know the guy that does is called David Oman or Omand. I did have his number but cant seem to find it now. Bear with me, I think I may have it in my old phone in fact. If so I will PM you with it.

16-Apr-14, 17:34
Thanks Blondie.

17-Apr-14, 11:59
Dunno David s tel no but he lives at 30 coach rd wick

Big Gaz
17-Apr-14, 14:10
I saw one of JMS's vans on the road yesterday but that doesn't mean they are/aren't in business. MyHermes depot is in the airport industrial estate, next door to Caithness Creels (to the left as you are driving in towards Caithness Creels)

21-Apr-14, 19:37
JMS are still de
Ivering and collecting, I have had no problems at all