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04-Mar-07, 08:50
Cat and Crocuses
by Eva Martin.

In the crocus-bed I saw her,
Like a queen enthroned she sat.
Yellow crocuses shone round her -
Royal, sun-illumined cat :

Orange eyes intensely lighted
By a vivid golden flame:
Fire of spring that burnt within her,
And in every flower the same.

World-surveying world-contented,
Seated in her crocus-ring:
Cat and crocuses together
Basking in the fires of spring.

04-Mar-07, 08:59
The Poem I'd like to Write.
by Clive Sansom.

I'd like to write a poem about daffodils,
I'd like to say
How beautiful they look on a March day,
Their green stems rising
Into those large, incredibly surprising
Trumpets of pure gold;
And how, after frost and cold,
They bring
Such colour and such warmth to everything,
They shake us into Spring.

I'd like to write it, but I know
That Wordsworth wrote it long ago.