View Full Version : Have you any unwanted dogs stuff that could be used for foster dogs?

14-Apr-14, 00:31
if in good condition, stuff like unwanted crates, dog beds, toys leads etc. Also Im raising money for Springer Rescue Scotland and Im having a sales table so am looking for anything that might raise a penny or two to sell. It will be doggie/pet based but will be grateful for anything at all. If you have anything would you please drop it off at the North Highland college in thurso labelled for attention of Emma Sime SRS . thankyou very much indeed in advance, Im very grateful for anything at all.
If you want a wee peek at the dogs waiting for homes have a look on the website, we are all volunteers and as you can imagine vet bills and such mount up so every penny counts. xx

15-Apr-14, 09:44
bumping this up, its really in a good cause so many unwanted spaniels in rescue its so sad. we foster them in our homes as volunteers so they dont end up in kennels and assess them prior to rehoming, nurse them back to health when need be or just give some training and love. Some of them have never seen a toy before . every wee bit helps x