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06-Apr-14, 17:35
Double speeder fined and banned

Benjamin Salisbury broke the speed limit twice within a matter of minutes.
In the first offence, he was 60mph in a 40mph limit at Reiss, and shortly afterwards he hit 90mph at Ackergill, where a 60mph limit was in force.
Salisbury, 21, admitted the offences which occurred on February 9 this year, at Wick Sheriff Court. He was fined 200 and banned for two months. The court heard that the police were dealing with other vehicles when the accused committed the first offence and detected the second one, after they caught up with him.
Salisbury, of Bag End, Road End, Watten, was said to have recently started a shed erection business.

Alleged to have breached dog regulations

A DOG owner is alleged to have breached a control order which made her pet subject to a muzzle restriction when out and about with it.
Nadia Devine, 24, denies allowing the dog named Diesel to stray from her home at 29 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, unaccompanied and without a muzzle, between October 1 and August 30, last year.
Davine, 24, will stand trial on April 29.

Stone threat alleged

A LYBSTER man is alleged to have threatened a man on a rural road, stood in front of his vehicle forcing it to stop and gesture that he was going to throw a stone at the windscreen.
Graham Munro, 34, of Ardquay Cottage, Lybster, pleaded not guilty to threatening or abusive behaviour. The incidents were said to have taken place between Lower Rumnster Farm and Ehwaz Cottage, in the Lybster area, on March 12.
Munro's trial was fixed for July 23.