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05-Apr-14, 08:24
Inappropriate driving by inexperienced drivers can have serious consequences Wick sheriff tells teenage accused
A TEENAGE schools assistant, who drove through a pedestrian crossing at excessive speed as school pupils waited to step onto it, was taken to task by a sheriff yesterday.
Sheriff Andrew Berry warned Aaron Henderson, 19, that he could find himself in custody if he ever returned to court on a serious road traffic offence and added: “We are all fully aware of the consequences of inappropriate driving by young inexperienced drivers.”
The sheriff imposed a two-months disqualification to “mark the gravity” of the offence and imposed a fine of 320.
Henderson, of Lade House, Wick, appeared at the town's sheriff court, and admitted driving carelessly, on February 7. There was a flashing sign indicating reduced speed at the crossing area but the accused was seen to drive past at an excessive speed.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that Henderson told police that there had been a low sun and that might have briefly had an effect on him.
Solicitor Joanna Morris said given the importance of his car, it was likely Henderson would lose his job at Dounreay Atomic Plant if a heavy driving ban was imposed. The accused, who has a previous conviction, also travels round primary schools teaching electrical engineering and science on a voluntary basis .