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04-Apr-14, 11:28
Clyth's Cracking Eggs is a new name for a business that has been trading since 2006. We have been providing Farmlay with Organic eggs and they provide Morrison's, Aldi and other large retailers. We have now decided to sell our eggs locally too providing the locals with egg-cellent quality eggs and eggs-tremley reasonable prices direct to your door.

Our hens living conditions are the best....for the best. They are free to roam around the sheds to dust bathe, perch, eat, drink, sleep and play. They are free to roam around outside during day light hours and have the amazing Caithness air and scenery to enjoy too.

We are offering delivery 7 days a week all over Caithness. No order is too small, we offer 1/2 dozen, dozen, tray of 30 right up to boxes of 30 dozen +

Our Free Range Eggs costs are:

1/2 dozen - 90p
Dozen - 1.80
Tray of 30 - 4.50
15 dozen - 27.00
30 dozen - 54.00

Organic Eggs also available, duck eggs available soon.

Please have a look at our website so you can see photos of our hens and their living conditions - www.clythscrackingeggs.co.uk

You can contact us on: sales@clythscrackingeggs.co.uk or mobile: 07425 992 065 and you can follow us on facebook: clythscrackingeggs

21-Apr-14, 20:39
Our 'Cracking Eggs' are in demand all over Caithness.

We deliver all over Caithness, direct to your door at very competitive prices and even better the eggs are fresh each day we deliver.

If you'd like some of our eggs delivered please get in touch, no order is too small.