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03-Apr-14, 16:03
Accused went 'ballistic' after forcing way into house
A WICK business woman, convicted of an attack on her father-in-law’s wife, at her home, has been given a good behaviour bond.
Hairdresser Vivian Macdonald, 41, denied the assault and threatening or abusive behaviour, but was found guilty after a trial at the town’s sheriff court today.
The court heard that trouble flared, after the accused arrived at the home of Ian and Janice Macdonald, at 40 Kinnaird Street, Wick, on May 18, last year, to be told that she was not welcome. There had been bad blood between them.
The couple tried to close the door but Macdonald forced her way in and “went ballistic”. The accused pulled Mrs Macdonald who was standing behind her husband at the inner door of the house, forward, and repeatedly kicked her. Photos of face, leg and shoulder bruising were shown to Sheriff Andrew Berry.
Mrs Macdonald, 51, a diabetic, told the court that her husband and herself were subjected to verbal abuse by the accused and were left in a shocked state. Janice Macdonald required treatment in hospital.
Police Constable Emma Brown, who was called to the house, told the court that the couple were “very, very upset” and that Mrs Macdonald was shaking to an extent, the officer said she had never witnessed before.
Giving evidence, the accused, Macdonald, of Farrbay, Oldwick, Wick,said that she had not gone to the house looking for trouble but to sort out the family feud.
She claimed that Mrs Macdonald was the aggressor and had shouted at her and verbally abused her.
Sheriff Berry described the evidence given by Mrs Macdonald and corroborated by her husband Ian’s account, as reliable and credible and added he had no hesitation in finding the accused guilty.
Sentence was deferred for six months to allow Macdonald, a first offender, to demonstrate she can behave herself.