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03-Apr-14, 10:13
Apart from the Gaelic Choir which I know about are there any other adult choirs that meet regularly in Caithness?

03-Apr-14, 11:26
There's Wick Choral amongst others - see http://www.caithnessmusic.com/Join-in-the-fun-.html

03-Apr-14, 11:48
see... how come i didnt find that when i googled!!!

Thats great Thankyou Badger :)

07-Apr-14, 09:26
Kirks on Sunday mornings are usually good places to try. ;)

07-Apr-14, 09:36
Apart from the Gaelic Choir which I know about are there any other adult choirs that meet regularly in Caithness?

I believe the Bu choir is a good one to get into!

Calvin And Hobbes
07-Apr-14, 21:41
Heather Lewry runs a choir for adults on a Monday Night in Thurso High School. Mainly it's singing for pleasure but its great fun :)

The Music Monster
21-Apr-14, 12:23
If you would like to join our choir, Squidge, you are most welcome! This weekend is the last chance to join for the festival, but we'll be gathering again in the late summer to get ready for our October concert in aid of Wick RNLI.

We're The Music Monsterettes and we meet 4:30-5:30 in Pulteneytown Parish Church. If you'd like more details feel free to send me a PM!

22-Apr-14, 23:58
Thanks for linking to the caithnessmusic.com in one of the posts above Badger. The Wick Choral meets weekly on a Mondays at 7.15 in St. John's Church hall in Wick. We have concerts coming up on 14 and 19 May so come along and listen and see if we are the kind of choir you are looking for. Alternatively the St. John's singers rehearse in the same hall on a Wednesday at 3.45. If neither choir is your cup of tea check out the Music Monster post above for details of their rehearsals. If that doesn't suit...hmm a Health Choir is in the process of being set up in Thurso. At the moment it is an occasional happening based in the North Highland Cancer Information and Support Centre but the plan is to move it from there, open it up to all and make it a more regular event. Keep an eye on www.caithnessmusic.com for more information as those plans develop. Hope you find what you are looking for. :-)

19-Jun-14, 21:53
Based on the success of the adult choir (mentioned by Calvin and Hobbes above) run by Heather Lewry (is she no married yet?) at the recent Music Festival, I would have thought it would be the one to join at the moment. Cracking score (in the 90's, I heard - is that true?). Is there a website for this one too? Anyone got any bootleg recordings from the Festival gig?