View Full Version : Petiton for Support for Soft Play Area and Cafe in Thurso

02-Apr-14, 21:28
Not sure if I can post here. (Delete if not).
A group of us have plans to set up a soft play area and cafe in Thurso. If you support this idea and would like to see it happen could you please sign the petition I have created, there is also a paper version in the Castletown post office, or with me.


Mr P Cannop
03-Apr-14, 06:42
i think it would be good for the area and good for Thurso

03-Apr-14, 07:28
Who are you petitioning & what do you want from them in order to set up your soft play area?

Big Gaz
03-Apr-14, 10:43
Great idea and no doubt will be an asset to the community but why the need for a petition? Just go out, find suitable premises and take it from there. I'm sure there won't be many hurdles to overcome. Good luck with the venture!