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02-Mar-07, 10:11
The Tragic Sneeze.
by Unknown.

Whilst listing by rank of those I must thank,
My brain with emotion agrees.
I remember the host, who helped me the most
By nicely putting her guests at ease.

She did kind distract, each guest with her tact,
Explaining away my tragic sneeze,
(which scattered three trays of spinach souffles
And sprayed each guest with splattered cheese.)

With words of quick choice, in self-assured voice
said "I put too much pepper in these!"
I said I was sick and leaving so quick
I barely heard their fading pleas.

"Too bad you must go, we'll miss you , we know
Just like dogs will miss their fleas!"
Our host did insist "You're sure to be missed
at ALL of my dinners and teas!"

Sorry Saveman !