View Full Version : Who has heard of Fear Of Faith

02-Apr-05, 14:32
I'm sitting here, when i should be out there drumming... I'm already missing the music... if u have heard about them plz tell us.. wat u thought of them!

03-Apr-05, 22:15
I herd of them... I thought the music produced by the band was really great and mixed together musically the chemistry worked fantastically.

04-Apr-05, 01:52
Yeah, I've heard of them, and have sat and heard some of their music. To be able to pass judgement on them I would need to hear them again as I've not heard them in a long time.

17-Apr-05, 01:51
yea i miss the FOF. as gothicka says there was some real chemistry n i'm missin the music a lot more than i thought i would by now. roll on a reunion?? maybe

elastic band
17-Apr-05, 13:06
they should try and get back together it would be great if they could play in the summer :evil