View Full Version : March Offers!

Mrs Sweetie
23-Mar-14, 13:54
Here we are, in the middle of a cold, blustery March, with our new offers to tempt you:

* Coca cola/diet Coke 1.75l price marked 1.85 - 2 for 2.50

* Multi packs Toffee Crisp/KitKat Chunky/KitKat 4 finger/Fruit Pastilles - 1 each

* Lucozade Orange/Original 1l price marked 1.69 - 1 each

* Doritos large bag - 1 each

* Kettle crisps - 3 for 1.20

* Haribo bags priced 1.29 - buy one get one free

* Multipacks Blue Riband/KitKat 2 finger/KitKat Cookies & Cream priced 1 - any 2 for 1.50

* Fox's biscuits priced 79p - any 2 for 1

For those of you who have taken up the subscription offer in the Groat/Caithness Courier, we take all the usual newspaper vouchers, either money off or subscription. You can leave your supply of vouchers with us and we keep a paper aside for you to collect when it suits you or you can exchange your vouchers individually, paper by paper. In that case we do not keep a paper aside unless you particularly request it; that means you are not tied to any one shop and can get your newspaper at a shop that is convenient to you at the time. Just tell us your requirements at the counter. :)