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21-Mar-14, 13:07
Ban and unpaid work for four times plus drinks driver

A DRINKS driver, who was more than four times the legal limit, was banned for two years and ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid community work.
Alan Stubbings, 43 pleaded guilty at a previous hearing at Wick Sheriff Court when a background report was requested.
He was stopped by police in Thurso Road, Wick, on March 2, after he popped out for cigarettes. Subsequent tests revealed a reading of 157 mgs – the legal limit is 35mgs.
His solicitor, Fiona MacDonald said the errand had prove to be an expensive packet of cigarettes.
Sheriff Andrew Berry described the reading as one of the highest he had every encountered but took into consideration that Stubbings, of 61 Roxburgh Road, Wick, had lost his driving job.
The sheriff repelled a prosecution motion for forfeiture of the accused’s car which was owned jointly with his brother.

Doubles trouble for drinks driver

In a separate case, a 75-year-old Thurso man admitted driving with excess alcohol.
David Williamson, of Throdale, Dixonfield, pleaded guilty. He was fined 200 and banned for a year.
Williamson was stopped in Mount Pleasant Road, Thurso on February 23. His breath-alcohol leverl was found to be 67mgs – the legal limit is 35mgs.
The accused, a first offender, was said to have been on his way home from his club at the time. He was surprised at the reading as he had consumed his usual quote of two whiskies and lemonade but on checking with the club staff discovered he had been served doubles.