View Full Version : Jailed yet to stand trial on catapult allegations

20-Mar-14, 18:33
Accused denies ball barings assault after six month sentence

A WICK man, who was jailed for threatening or abusive behaviour, today, is to stand trial next month on charges of firing ball barings at people in a local street.
Kai Thorsted, 40, had admitted shouting and swearing at a woman in Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, on February 4 and similar behaviour at Wick police station - and an extensive record.
Thorsted was jailed for six months but will return to court from custody next month, to answer the ball baring charges.
These allege that he assaulted four people by repeatedly using the catapult to fire the balls at them, in North Murchison Street, Wick, on January 2, or alternatively causing risk of injury by repeatedly firing at them. He is also accused of damaging a window in the street with the catapult.
Thorsted, of 6 Battery Road, Wick, is facing a further allegation of being in possession of an offensive weapon, namely the catapult and denies all the charges.
His trial is scheduled for April 17.