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20-Mar-14, 09:36
Single punch could had serious consequences says sheriff

MEDICS ran tests on a man who was rendered unconscious after being punched once in an early-morning disturbance, in Thurso.
However, Connor Simson was found to have no serious injury, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday.
His assailant, student Duncan Macmillan, admitted a charge of assault and was given a good behaviour bond of six months.
The 19-year-old was said to have intervened in a fracas which had developed after revellers left a nightclub, on September 29, to help colleagues. Mr Simson who fell to the ground and was unconscious for a short time, was taken to hospital where he was given extensive tests.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said that Macmillan, a first offender, who helps out on the family farm at East Durran, Castletown, and is taking a college course in agriculture, appeared to have strong work ethic and family commitment. But the sheriff added that the assault episode demonstrated the potential
consequences of a single blow and commented it had been "a lesson learned" for accused.

Community service for benefit fraudster

A WOMAN, who claimed more than 5000 benefit by fraud, has been ordered to put something back into the community by carrying out 166 hours unpaid work.
Charlotte Davies, 21, admitted the fraud, claiming the cash from the Department of Work and Pensions while living at Dixonfield, Thurso, between March 27 and November 26, 2012.
She neglected to inform the Department of a change in circumstances, namely that both her partner and herself were working. Davies received a total of 5,500 to which she was not entitled.
Sheriff Berry told her: "The hard-pressed taxpayer has a difficult enough job paying for legitimate use of benefits, without giving money to a claimant who is also working."
The court was told that Davies, was now living at 7 Rowley, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire. The Department of Work and Pension is recovering the money defrauded by reducing the allowances she currently receiving.