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19-Mar-14, 08:42
Woman fled screaming after knife attack
A TERRIFIED woman ran screaming and bleeding from a block of flats in Wick after a stabbing attack by her partner, the local court heard yesterday.
Despite having been knifed twice and was “covered in blood” Claire Robertson managed to reach a friend’s house for help, the sheriff was told.
Her then boyfriend, Mark Allen Gunn, 36, admitted on indictment, the vicious assault on Ms Robertson, during which he also held her down on the floor of her flat and at times, prevented her breathing..
Gunn, of 42 Camanachd Crescent, Fort William, was remanded in custody, pending sentence, by Sheriff Andrew Berry, who warned that a jail sentence was likely.
The court heard that Ms Robertson’s ordeal began after bickering between the pair, escalated, at her home at 3B Ashley Court, Wick, on November 20,last year. They had been in “an off-on” relationship for the preceding nine months, with both of them retaining their own homes.
Gunn had been drinking with Ms Robertson’s brother and had gone out with him.
The accused, returned alone, later, in the evening, under the influence of alcohol.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that Ms Robertson, 27, asked him where he had been, and it led to bickering, aggravated by the fact that she was getting ready to go out.
Describing the accused’s reaction, the senior fiscal depute continued: “Ms Robertson was aware of Gunn behind her and felt what she assumed were punches on her back. She was then forced to the floor by the accused who kneelled on top of her with his knees on her chest. As she struggled, Gunn put his hands over her nose and mouth which prevented her from breathing for a time. Ms Robertson managed to move her head enabling her to breathe again. At this point, the accused put his hand into her mouth and pushed her tongue backwards. This again caused her difficulty with her breathing but she bit his hand causing him to remove it from her mouth. Ms Robertson was terrified and was pleading with her partner to stop and talk things through."
Mr Barclay said that Ms Robertson was punched again as she got to her feet and then became aware that Gunn was holding a knife with what she later described as having a seven or eight-inch blade. She then concluded that had what she had earlier assumed to have been punches, had, in fact, been stab wounds.
Mr Barclay went on: “Ms Robertson ran screaming from her top floor flat pursued by the accused and arrived at the home nearby of a friend, “covered in blood” to raise the alarm. Gunn, who was also bleeding, suddenly realised what he had done and went to a separate address and confessed to the occupant he had just stabbed his partner. The police were summoned and detained Gunn.
Sheriff Berry saw photographs of the injuries sustained by Ms Robertson who was treated in hospital for scratches and bruising, two broken teeth and two stab wounds on her upper back one, 12mm in length, the other 24mm, both requiring a combined total of five stitches. She also complained of a tenderness and soreness on her shoulder and arms.
Mr Barclay said that it was accepted by the medical staff that Ms Robertson’s injuries were not life-threatening, but added: “It was recognised that, if any significant organs in the area of the wounds had been struck by the knife, there could potentially have been a danger to life.”
The prosecutor invited the sheriff to consider a non-harassment order although Ms Robertson had made it clear she wished to have no contact whatsoever, with Gunn who has a record.
Remanding him “in the public interest”, until April 3 for a background report, Sheriff Berry told the accused that he was bound to appreciate that the sentence for “such a serious matter” would be “highly likely” to attract a custodial term.