View Full Version : Out Of The Loop

Kevin Milkins
12-Mar-14, 08:41
I have just realised how far out of the loop I have become.

I am an ex coal miner and was brought up with strong Labour values, I also used to be a big believer in the Trade Union Movement.

Bob Crow the union leader chief met an early death yesterday after twelve years in charge and not only did I not recognise his name, I didn't even recognise his face when they showed it on the TV.:eek: I think moving to Caithness has made me a lot less interested in what happens South of Thrumster.

12-Mar-14, 09:14
Yes Kevin I had the same ignorance of Bob Crowe. I don't believe that this is disinterest though, I think it's that we live such a lovely, real and safe life in Caithness so that nothing seen in the media need matter. I go for weeks without looking at any news and am becoming reliant on the .org to let me know if I should be reading anything else. This is my safe place, what more can I ask for when I have Caithness and the Orgers?