View Full Version : Who wants to form a Chess Club in Reay?

10-Mar-14, 21:38
Hello, I'm seeking to get some interested people together to form a Reay Chess club that will meet once a week in Reay Hall. It will just be informal at first with the strong possibility of encouraging junior members. If there is another Caithness Chess club out there then perhaps there is a distant possibility we can form a Caithness league? (Bower still going?) OK dream over.

PM me if you are interested.

If we can muster a core membership of about 6 then we can get things going.



weezer 316
12-Mar-14, 17:04
I could be interested. I havent played in years (infact my last game was a utter demolition at the hands of a 15yo Armenian boy called Darko on chess.com) but I was just thinking this myself, a chess club would be not bad.